Friday, October 7, 2011

Since I Have A Blog...

Well I've decided that since I have a blog now, I might as well use it. Even if it was just set up for a test. I'm sure it will be nice to let out all my thoughts whenever I need to. So right now I'm a little upset. I just got back from American Heritage and we got our second essays back today. I thought I did really well on this one....I didn't :( I got a 14/20 which is bad in the first place, but to top it all off I really needed to do well because on my last essay I got a 3/10!!! I will admit that one wasn't as good but I thought this one was solid! :( So needless to say, I'm a little mad right now. I did pretty good on the test (at least I think so since everyone I've heard has done poorly and he grades on a curve) though which makes me feel (SLIGHTLY) better. All my other classes I'm doing alright in. Nutrition is a little hard but I do well on all the work, and average on the tests so I guess that's good. I'm just waiting for next semester when my head explodes....yeah that's how I feel right now. I can't wait until my sister Mariah comes and sees me in 20 days. I need a little family time and some relaxation and fun. I'm not sure what we're gonna do yet when she gets here, but whatever it is it will be AWESOME! :) I feel so dumb here cause everyone is smart. BYU is tough! And I'm far away from home which makes things a little more difficult. That's why I'm so excited for her to come and spend the weekend here. It's already cold here too so its depressing! It was really nice and warm and then all of a sudden it got really super cold and it snowed yesterday! I know I'm such a complainer but like I said, this is gonna be my outlet so there will probably be a lot of that. Deal with it ;) haha
Have a great weekend! I'm sure going to! Hopefully its gonna be relaxing :)

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