Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Monday...

Well there has been a lot on my mind lately and a lot going on so I am just gonna let it all out. First of all, I swear I'm gonna start my period or something because I've been so snappy and mean lately! It's awful! I've been getting really annoyed with people too. Especially the boy I was talking about...and I really dont want to but I have been. Also, I'm getting super excited cause my sister will be here in 10 days!!! I'm SOOO excited! But that also means that the half marathon I've been training for is coming up in 11 days and I'm not so excited about that :/ haha I also have a few quotes to share. I got these from my chemistry teacher. He does a quote of the day and these were a few I liked. We cannot become what we need to be, remaining what we are
 -Max Depree
Sharing what you have is more important than what you have
I have lots of homework coming up these next two weeks which is stressful and a big test tomorrow and another next week. plus I'm having a hard time finding a ride back home for thanksgiving which is depressing too. I really want to get back, not only to see my family, but also because my brother is getting baptized and I want to be there.
Lets see what else......halloween is on two weeks so that will be fun. I start another class next week which should be fun, but will also add to the stress of things :/ hmm I thinks thats all i've got for now. I'll be sure to unload again soon though! ;)

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