Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reflection Time?

So I'm assuming (due to the numerous posts by you all) that I'm supposed to tell you what I thought about the Rhetorical Analysis. I was out of town today and missed class, so I hope I'm on the right path with this. Basically, the RA assignment was alright. It felt more like a "plug and chug" equation rather than a paper, but that's okay. I guess. We talked about this a little bit in class, but I felt like it wasn't much of a stretch for us. Yes, there were some parts that I struggled with, but the overall concept was fairly simple. I liked how the assignment made me think though. I had to really look at what the writer was doing in his paper, and why he did it. I feel like this was the most difficult part for me. Seeing the reason behind each move he made was a challenge, but it was one that I felt was manageable and also helped me to grow as a better writer. I liked how we did the reviews this time around, and I again appreciated the structured timeline and conferences required by the class. These helped me to stay on track and not just write it all in one night. If I were to be given the option of doing it again, I would certainly decline, but I feel like my time was not entirely wasted on this paper, so life goes on.


  1. It's good that "your time was not entirely wasted on this paper." Haha it was only mostly a waste of time. :P The paper was pretty formulaic, but it wasn't bad. It was interesting analyzing others' rhetoric.

    Cool picture.

    1. Yeah I thought about that after I wrote it. It was interesting though.