Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Sneak Peek

In the Los Angeles Times article "Shut Up and Be Scanned" several forms of figurative language can be found. Some of these were harder to find than others, but overall the writer did a good job in making them fairly obvious. His use of diction is definitely apparent with words such as groped, sexual molestation, evil, and suicide bombers within the first paragraph alone. This tool is the most used throughout the piece and certainly the most effective. These specific words all have blatant negative connotations that go along with them and inevitably make the readers feel the way the writer wants them too. Along with diction, the writer evolves a very distasteful tone toward the opposition to the scanners. The reader can tell, by his choice of words and examples, that the writer feels that the issue is way overblown. In a sense this is ironic because the writer is making a big deal about something he or she feels should not be a big deal. There is just a sneak peek to the tools used by the writer in this article. Tune in next time for more!


  1. Yea.... You're diction in the paper and blog is definitely one of the strong figurative language devices!

  2. Thanks for the support Seth!

    P.S. Congrats on the mission call!