Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh what to write

Anything. Anything is much too broad of a topic. For some it will mean sports. For others it will mean politics. For me...well, for me it means too much. Here are just a few ideas.
  • Legalizing marijuanna
  • Title nine
  • The dress code
  • Public proposals
  • The hunger games verses harry potter
  • Why men are inferior to women
  • Why Bella is a horrible actress
  • Pinterest and its benefits
  • The 2012 election
  • Macklemore verses any other rapper
  • BYU transportation
  • RM's are not meat
  • Writing to missionaries
  • Why boys are so messy
  • Why Facebook is taking over our lives
  • Why Disney movies are a bad influence
Well, there are a few ideas. We'll see what I decide on. 


  1. I totally agree with you about RM's not being "meat". So many girls at BYU especially, think that RM's come straight off the mission and just wanna get married right off the bat. It seems like girls especially "pounce" on RM's as well, especially if they're in freshman wards!

  2. Public proposals is such an awesome idea! We had one in my American Heritage class and it was very uncomfortable...I'm curious what part of Disney movies are bad influences, cause I love them! How the women are portrayed?

  3. Johnny, I was in that class as well and you're right. It was super awkward and, in my opinion, lame. I also love Disney movies more than you will ever know, but there are certainly issues with the way the characters think things through and how they are portrayed. Take Ariel for example. Her father tells her not to do something and what does she do? She does it. Just things like that.
    Rachel I totally agree with you about RMs in freshmen wards. It just feels like they don't have a chance to come home and breathe before they have girls all over them.

    1. That's true! You can't trust those Disney princesses...

  4. I just love your list. Not only are they all good topics but they just make me laugh. RM's aren't meat.... I think that is a good one. And Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter.... Oh man. My two favorite series. And I was thinking of writing on legalizing marijuana as well. So great topics. Good luck choosing one!

  5. Thanks Seth! As you can see, I'm a very opinionated person, so topics were fairly easy to think of. I'm glad you liked them!