Friday, March 30, 2012

Reflection Time!

So, I'm sure, like the rest of you, I am taking this opportunity to vent about my hatred of the Issues Paper. Unfortunately these aren't going away anytime soon. That really puts a damper on things; I know. It really sucked. I wish I would have chosen a better topic that I was more interested in so that the research wasn't so boring. I feel like that would have helped the whole process be better.  Overall, I feel like the help I got was good and made my paper better. I also feel like I got to the part where I just didn't care anymore too. Do the rest of you feel like that? Anyway, I'm glad I won't have to do that again for awhile.

 Have a great weekend guys! Go enjoy the sun and the outdoors...It's pretty neat!! ;)


  1. Chelsea-achoo!! What was that video? haha it was pretty neat I guess. Anyways I actually kinda liked the issues paper. I had a topic I liked though so that was a plus!

  2. “Nature walks” are great; I think that is one thing that I miss right now- not being able to walk out the door and see the great/ spacious fields and timbers full of life and freedom. Well, I did go to a gun range west of Spanish Fork on Friday, but it isn’t the same when it isn’t your land and you can still see the city lights. Hey, there was country music and the sweet smell of gun smoke- not too shabby! Also, did you or anyone else think that it was absolutely, ridiculously funny just how long it took to form groups-or at least possibly formed groups?

  3. I'm sorry your research was boring! But wait to work through it and get it all done. That was our last paper!

  4. The thought of Issue Papers not going away made me kind of sick. And I'm sure you weren't the only one that just didn't care that much about it near the end, at least that's how I felt as well. It was just dragging on and on, and I was done with it. But on the bright side, we're done! Celebrate, and enjoy! :)

    1. Way ahead of ya! Thank goodness it's over!

  5. Issues papers for life! Just think of this as the beginning of a new course, a new chapter in the "Chelsea Rouse Book of Life." It'll be hard, it'll be boring, but it'll maybe hopefully hypothetically be worth it.